Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Lowongan Presenter trans TV

Situs Resmi Lowongan Kerja

Position      presenter
Division     NEWS
Location     jakarta

Closing date     04/29/2010
Sex         Marital Status     Single /Married
Education     min d3     Major     any background
Age         Experience (Years)     none
Specific Requirement

   1. Male/Female, with maximum age 27
   2. Diploma III or University Graduate (S1)
   3. Minimum GPA 2.75
   4. Good appearance, camera face, microphonic vocals
   5. Proporsional posture, minimum height for female is 160 cm and minimum height for Male is 170 cm
   6. Creative, Hard Working, Assertive, Energetic
   7. Able to work in a fast paced environment
   8. Able to work under pressure
   9. Great interpersonal and communication skill
  10. Fluent in English both oral and written

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